Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Creation Story Inquiry

As a class we explored the creation story in many ways.  Here are some of our thoughts below.
I responded to the story by sequencing the story using the godly play materials.

Jobe and Ben choose to read stories about creation.

Alannah and Codie made their own creation mini book.

Our class also responded to the creation story by creating our own artwork.

Danidu and Anabelle making a suna nd moon art reponse

Ella read the guided reader story of creation and completed a comprehension task.

Lots of people in our class wrote a special prayer of thanks for the gift of creation.

More prayers of thanks

Julian tried lots of different activities but was the first person  to order the days of the creation story.

Ava's prayer of thanks for creation

Jaime's prayer of thanks

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A Splash Of Creativity.

Our Inquiry for Term Two is A Splash Of creativity.  What does it mean to us in One S.

Building, making, painting, drawing, sketching, getting an idea, making a plan, colour, beauty, material, wool, string, clay, artist, bricks, collage, paint and glue and the list went on and on........Get ideas One S can not wait to explore some of these ideas

We also came up with some wondering statements for this term.

I wonder.......

what artists I can find out about?
how artists find their ideas?
how they find the materials they need and how they use them?
why the artist uses this idea?
how people learn to draw and paint and how they become so good at it?
what they artist feels like while they are creating their art?
what a designer does?
how an artist learns to draw with such detail?
how many painting an artists makes in their lifetime?
how artist pick the subject for their paintings?
what colours are used?
what a fashion designer does?
what an architect does?
how do they design a building?
how do they choose their materials?
how do you make movies?
How do you become inspired to make your art?

Thursday, 26 March 2015

My Family Easter Traditions

What does your family do to celebrate Easter Sunday?

Milla- We have party poppers to help celebrate Easter.
Ava- We visit our Nonna and Nonno and have a huge Easter egg hunt.
Cristian - We have an Easter party and everyone eats Easter eggs.
Julian- Our family has an Easter egg hunt, a delicious dinner and we send lanterns up into the sky.
Xavier- In the morning we hunt for eggs.
Ema- On Easter Sunday we go to church and we get yummy chocolate Easter eggs.
Millie F- We go to England to celebrate Easter and we get boxes of chocolate.
Ben- At Easter my family go to Easter celebrations and light candles.
Allie- On Easter Sunday we have a special breakfast with pancakes and orange juice.
Jobe- We go to church and celebrate Jesus coming back and we light the candle to celebrate Easter.
Jaime- We have a family meal together
Chiara- We have an Easter egg hunt and find little eggs and toys.
Danidu-;We go to the Temple we say special prayers together
Ashley-; We have a special breakfast and get little gifts to remember Jesus
Alannah-: Every Easter my mum, nonna and Zia celebrate Easter together with a big meal and everyone brings something.  We go to the church and we go for an Easter egg hunt outside.
Codie-;  we have a big family dinner and I go for an Easter Egg hunt with dad on his quadbike
Lachlan-: we plays game as a family to celebrate and spend time togeher
Marcus- We go camping every Easter with our family. We stay up late and play games and then wait for Easter Sunday

Our Amazing Inquiry Day

Look at the amazing fruit snack we made.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Is Lola Big Enough To Ride the Roller Coaster.

We have been writing persuasive texts in One S and learning how to give our opinion.
Here are a few samples of our grades work.

Lola     is       not       big        enough     to        go     on     the       ride.

We believe     Lola      is   not     big    enough     to   go   on    the    ride.     Lola still need to grow taller to go on the ride.

 We know that if young children go on a ride that is too big for them they can get sick or scared half way through the ride and not be able to get off.

Rides have an age limit for a reason.

Millie.H. & Anabelle

Lola   is   not     big   enough   to   ride   on   the   roller   coaster.

We believe   when    she   finally   goes   on   the ride   she   will   find   it very   scary.       We   think   she   is    too   small to go on the roller coaster.

Young children need to wait to be old enough to ride on the roller coaster.

By Amelia and Ella.

Lola is not big enough to ride on the roller coaster.
I believe she needs to grow bigger.
I think she will be scared once she gets on the ride.
I know little people shouldn’t go on enormous rides until they are bigger.

By Giuliana

Lola is not big enough to ride on the roller coaster.
I believe that Lola is going to be too scared and may get sick on the ride.
I think that Lola is too small to go on the ride.
I know Lola is too young for this ride.
Lola needs to be taller to go on such a big ride.

Antonio and Cristian

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What I Know About Holy Week

Holy week is...........
Giuliana-: praying together.
Cristian-: Jesus died on the cross for us.
Ema-: we celebrate Jesus because He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.
Emma-: Jesus is watching over us and he died to be a special help to us.  
Xavier-: Jesus shared the bread and wine with his disciples 
Millie.H.-:  When Jesus washed the disciples  feet, this showed his service to others.  We need to serve like him.
Jobe-: when the disciple share the Last Supper with Jesus.  When we go to Mass all the people share the bread and the wine just like Jesus did.  
Daniel-: Jesus dies on the cross on Good Friday.  He died on the cross because the leaders were very angry with him.
Ava-: when you pray to God and Jesus.  You show you care for others by acting like Jesus.  

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Writing-What do you think?

Watch the video below and follow the link to give your opinion.
Click on the link below to complete the survey with your grade 5 buddy.